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The right partner to help you drive growth

We invest first institutional capital in businesses with proven leadership, a history of profitable growth, and a clear understanding of the opportunities ahead.

Inc Founder Friendly Investors
Inc Founder Friendly Investors

Dedicated focus on B2B services and products

Extensive experience investing across three core industry verticals.

We take pride in our portfolio

We are partnership-oriented investors with a passion for investing alongside management in sustainable growth. We understand that our continued success hinges on our ongoing commitment to collaboration, transparency, and dependability.

Driven by experience

Committed to a culture of partnership, commitment and community for more than two decades, we understand what it takes to build enduring relationships.

To this day, I consider the group I worked with at Reynolda to be my friends, and I appreciate everything they did for us and what I learned working with them.”

Michael LewisExecutive Chairman, Quick Med Claims

Michael Lewis is the Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of a portfolio company in which Reynolda Equity Partners previously invested through one or more of the funds it manages. Mr. Lewis was not compensated for recommending Reynolda Equity Partners, and does not have any material conflicts of interest as a result of their relationship with Reynolda Equity Partners.