Founded in 1997, Reynolda Equity Partners has raised over $700 million of capital across its committed equity funds and has completed nearly 50 platform investments. We are a partnership-oriented private equity investor dedicated to bringing patient capital to support the vision of the owners and management teams of historically strong performing businesses. We strive to help our portfolio companies navigate the road ahead with strategic, operational and financial guidance to accelerate growth.

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We create value across our portfolio by investing in:

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Our commitment

As your partner, we will work hard to help you successfully navigate the road ahead, strive to leave a lasting positive impact on your business, employees and community, and ensure we all enjoy the journey together.

As a CEO, it is critical to build and maintain a constructive, supportive, and collaborative relationship with your investors and board members. The Reynolda Equity Partners team has made it easy to achieve this board/investor/CEO alignment because they are quality people. I have found success is much easier and far more fun when partnered with good people.”

Marcus MollmannChief Executive Officer, ATG

Marcus Mollmann is the CEO of a portfolio company in which Reynolda Equity Partners is currently invested through one of its funds. Mr. Mollmann was not compensated for recommending Reynolda Equity Partners. However, Mr. Mollmann has an incentive to recommend Reynolda Equity Partners due to the fact that Rey